Why Living By The Ocean Is Actually Healthy For You

Why Living By The Ocean Is Actually Healthy For You

Some people focus on the dangers of the ocean such as floods, storms, tsunamis, etc. However, research shows that living near the ocean can actually have tremendous health benefits.

10 Perfect Outfit Ideas to Wear To The Beach

10 Perfect Outfit Ideas to Wear To The Beach

Summer is officially just around the corner, and we all know what that means: beach. The beach is a great place to show off your body, look good, relax, and have fun. But, it can be very hard to have fun if you're just constantly worrying about your outfit! Let us help you out a bit and give you a couple perfect outfit ideas that you can wear to the beach!

Original Wahine Charms are the Best Gifts Ever

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Your bff’s birthday is coming up quickly, but you can’t decide what to get her. She loves to hang out at the beach and would live in her flip-flops and a swimsuit if she could. This year, let go of the struggle and ditch the standard gift card idea. That’s so impersonal.

Give her a thoughtful and unique Original Wahine charm. Not only are the charms the cutest accessory ever, but also they come from the heart.

So Many Choices

Colorful Wahine Charms are one of the latest and greatest trends. These lovely beaded accessories are available in different colors and shapes. Choose from several different charm designs that include:

·       Whale

·       Anchor

·       Pineapple

·       Shell

·       Dolphin

·       Sea turtle

·       Crab

·       Flower

·       Peace Sign

Keep in mind, the designers are always working on new colors, designs and special edition charms. Become an Original Wahine follower to be the first to know all the latest and greatest news!

What Sets the Charms Apart

Original Wahine charms are completely unique and different from what other companies are selling. Normally, charms made from glass beads and gemstones are super expensive. We offer our charms at reasonable pricing, which allows you to not only get one but two, three, four or even the entire collection.


Creative and dedicated designers handcraft each piece to perfection. These items can withstand extreme temperatures and can be enjoyed for a long period of time. They are made of 100% hypoallergenic heat resistant silicone, are saltwater and environmentally safe, and will not shrink, harden, discolor or burn in the hot sun.


Charm It UP

You can attach the amazing Original Wahine charms to anything your heart desires. These beautiful charms can be tied with bikini tops and bottoms, one-piece swimsuits, bangles, bracelets, handbags, beach bags, towels, shoes, sandals, and you can even fancy up your hair with the charms. The possibilities are endless. They are lightweight and just completely adorbs.


You can also tie them around your ankle for the cutest anklet ever. These charms are designed in such a special and unique way that they suit every age group – from your little sister to your grandma.

Keeping it Real

Why do we provide such high quality products at such low prices? Our main goal is to bring happiness to the lives of others. Kids, especially girls, love to wear these pretty looking handcrafted charms. Each one comes with a colored gem and a tiki wood-locking bead to add to the magic.


Original Wahine charms are also available for purchase in bulk. If you are planning to become a retailer of these items, contact our sales department directly by sending a simple email.

May 2015 bring out your inner Wahine and may the charms fill you and your loved ones with joy!

Loving the Wahine Lifestyle

Loving the Wahine Lifestyle

Positive energy and freedom is the theme for this Summer, and Wahine charms will help you express just that.

Being a wahine yourself, you love to wear things that make you feel confident and beautiful. So, you take special care in choosing your summer wardrobe — from swimsuits and sarongs to shoes, beach bags and accessories.

This is where we come in. A handmade, original Wahine Bikini Charm is the ideal accessory to show your love for the ‘Aloha’ spirit.