Loving the Wahine Lifestyle

Wahine /ˈhēnē/: a Polynesian goddess, a female surfer, and the Hawaiian word for woman.

When living the wahine lifestyle, a person enjoys a positive energy and a certain freedom that spring and summer offer. With salt in the air and sand in your hair, you basically live in your bikini and flip flops on the daily; and every day includes a visit to the beach, pool, waterpark or lake, if possible.

Being a wahine yourself, you love to wear things that make you feel confident and beautiful. So, you take special care in choosing your summer wardrobe — from swimsuits and sarongs to shoes, beach bags and accessories.

This is where we come in. A handmade, original Wahine Bikini Charm is the ideal accessory to show your love for the ‘Aloha’ spirit.

Charm It Up, Girl

The colorful wahine charms can attach to anything you can dream up, from bikinis and cover-ups to hats and sandals. These items are so lightweight that you can even use them in your hair. The possibilities are endless.  

If you wish to achieve the ultimate glamorous look, then consider adding these handcrafted charms to your wardrobe. Mix glamour with style and impress everybody with your drop dead gorgeous looks. (Yes, these charms give you super human beauty)

No Worries

Another main benefit of buying handmade accessories is that they are quite cost effective. With zero maintenance costs, these charms can be used easily and last for a very long time. Some other helpful benefits include:

·       100% Hypo-allergenic

·       Heat resistant

·       Saltwater safe

·       Environmentally-friendly

·       Won’t shrink, harden, discolor or burn in the sun

Handcrafted by Artists

One of the best things about buying Original Wahine handcrafted charms is that you are getting completely original products. Every piece is specially crafted by Original Wahine designers. To add to the magic, each charm is adorned with a colored gem and Tiki-wood locking bead.


No matter if you are planning to attend a birthday party or hang out with friends, these accessories look amazingly cool and give you a stylish look. Wahine charms are also a perfect gift for anyone you know who loves to accessorize with unique style.

Handmade bead jewelry stands the test of time as it always offers a fresh appeal.

Island Beauty

Whether you live in the islands or not, this spring/summer is the perfect time to share your Hawaiian energy with the world. Set yourself apart from other wahines by finding unique ways to stylize your wardrobe.

Each Original Wahine piece has its own unique charm and symbolism. Choose a sea turtle which represents longevity, blessings and journeys in many cultures; a pineapple, which symbolizes warmth, hospitality and luxury; or any of the other designs you can find here.

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What are you waiting for? Grab some amazing looking handcrafted Wahine charms and show your inner wahine to the world. 

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