Wahine Bikini Charms Are Trendsetters in 2015

Wahine Summer Fashion Has Arrived


Every girl wants to be fashionable and beautiful this summer when she visits the beach or goes swimming. It is important to accessorize when trying to achieve that "look", that's where Wahine Charms come in! The Wahine Bikini Charm is unique in so many ways in addition to being a must-have this coming summer. Each charm is handcrafted with a beautiful colored gem and tiki wood locking bead which Wahine designers hand bead to create something that can truly be called original!

What Makes Wahine Bikini Charms So Special?

Still need more reasons to see why bikini charms by Wahine are so special? Each of these super-awesome charms is made of 100 percent hypoallergenic heat resistant silicone, which means that they are environmentally safe and resistant to salt water. This also means that your new special Wahine Charm will not shrink, harden, discolor or burn in the sun on those hot days where the sun is just beaming down.

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Rock It In Style

There are endless possibilities when it comes to wearing a Wahine Bikini Charm.  Even guys can wear them as a cool addition to their swimming trunks! The most popular way the girls wear charms is on their bikinis. It complements their beach style with a colorful charm that adds personality, vibrance, and a unique look to their fashion sense. Charms can also be worn on hair as a beautiful accessory, which will give you a cool and relaxed look on a night out after a day spent on the beach. Bead charms look stunning around your wrist too and can even be worn in combination with other charms. If you're like us and you want to express your inner-hippie, then you can rock Wahine Charms on your flip-flops as you stroll down the boardwalk.

Wahine Charms Are Made for Every Occassion

Regardless of whether you are planning to attend a birthday party or hang out with your friends, wearing these accessories will make you look amazingly cool and give you a stylish look. Wahine charms are also a perfect gift for anyone who loves to accessorize and stand out.

Remember, Wahine means goddess in the Polynesian culture, and “woman” in the Hawaiian language. And that is exactly how original Wahine will make you feel – simply divine.

Get your very own Wahine Charm today, click here to buy yours!