The Wahine Bikini Charm: A Bikini's Best Friend

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Finding The Perfect Accessory

With summertime just around the corner, all us girls are starting to look for cute bikinis that we can wear to the beach or the pool. We all know how important it is to find a bikini that will match our personality, keep us stylish, while at the same make us stand out from the crowd. That's a lot of work!

I'm going to fill you in on our amazing Wahine Bikini Charms. These cute charms are the perfect accessory for any girl, or even guy! Wahine Charms come in a variety of colors and shapes that you can choose from. They are also low-cost, so you can stock up and create a collection of these to match any bikini or outfit.

These Charms Are Amazing

Wahine Charms come shapes that include a whale, anchor, dolphin, crab, flower, peace sign, fish, pineapple, shell, and whale. Each of these shapes come in different colors and jewel colors. 

So what makes these awesome charms so special? The answer is, a number of things. For one, each one of these these handcrafted charms come with a tiki wood-locking bead and colored gem. Wahine Charms are carefully crafted using 100% hypoallergenic heat-resistant silicone that is both saltwater and environmentally safe. This high-quality silicone is guaranteed not to shrink, harden, discolor or burn up when exposed to the sun. 

These Are for Everyone

If you're like me, you may not be 100% comfortable with your body in a bikini, and that's totally fine! Not all of us have that confident body that a supermodel can flaunt. Not to worry, there are many more uses for Wahine Charms than a bikini!

Wahine Charms can also be attached to handbags, beach bags and towels, sandals, shoes, backpacks, and so much more! You can also get creative and wear a Wahine Charm as a bracelet or bangle. 

Whatever way you choose to Wahine, you can be assured that it's going to set you apart from the rest, while at the same time keeping you fashionable and trendy!

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